(Unit of KL Chest + Diagnostic Clinic)
Welcome to South Delhi Diagnostics (Unit of KL Chest + Diagnostic Clinic)
Serving patients with latest technology and earnest commitment
A person approaches a doctor or a medical centre only when they are in need. And we at South Delhi Diagnostics understand this fact very well. This is the reason why, we use all the best and latest equipments to Diagnose our patient with supreme sincerity and care. We for years have been diligently serving our patients with best possible medical care at mighty affordable rates.
We have always believed in maintaining a standard in our services. This is the reason why, we have emerged as the most reliable and trusted name in our field. We understand the internal complexities in the body, this is why we use best X-Ray and ECG machines to make sure that whatever the problem our patient is facing is detected and cured to the core. To serve our patients better and to provide them with more assured treatment we have also introduced Echo- cardiography, the first of its kind in Munirka.
We have established our names in the hearts of our patients through our dedicated efforts and focused attention. And know to reach our patients more efficiently we proudly launch our new medical centre, South Delhi diagnostics. What keep us going is our untiring passion towards serving our patients using best techniques and treatments.
We are boosted by the team of experts and certified doctors who are dedicated and responsible towards their work. We have always made sure that the equipments and machines we use in our centre are of top most quality. This is what our patients tend to gain when they come to us:
We are using latest and high resolution techniques so as to able to bring out the most detailed image     of chest conjunction.
To perform digital X-rays, we use Siemens MM10 machine with new High frequency advantage.
We use Fuji computed radiography that gives, outstanding performance, remarkable efficiency and     excellent image quality.
We are able to perform diagnostic using multi position radiography POLYSKOP 5; these machines     are designed specifically keeping in mind the medical     requirement.
We deliver our patients all this and much more at our medical centre. We have always believed in excellence and that is what we try to achieve with our every act. At our centre you can be assured of the treatment that is most reliable and affordable. You can reach us at below mentioned address and give us an opportunity to serve with most reliable and efficient techniques.
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